MidCoast Regional Housing Trust Logo by BC

What's our Housing Trust?

Founded in 2022, MCRHT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to developing and stewarding permanent year-round workforce housing in Knox County and neighboring towns. We envision vibrant communities of economically diverse residents who want to live, work, and retire in the region. 

A housing trust helps people who need housing they can afford by acquiring buildings or land and reserving them for working households. Housing can take several forms, from purchased homes to rented apartments, which income-qualified applicants can occupy at the lowest possible rate. Grants and donations obtained by the housing trust lower the cost of purchases and rentals for eligible households. When a homeowner sells, deed restrictions and land covenants keep their house attainable for the next buyer. Both scenarios – rentals and home sales – allow residents to save enough money to purchase other housing eventually.

Successful housing trusts provide affordable housing for middle-income workers throughout the United States and New England coastal towns, including Kennebunkport, Freeport, North Haven, Deer Isle, and Mt. Desert Island.

Using tax credits, charitable donations, and other resources, MCRHT will construct new housing or convert existing buildings for the housing market’s “missing middle.” Our efforts will benefit working people who do not qualify for direct assistance yet cannot afford the rent or buy within commuting distance of their jobs. We serve teachers, public safety and emergency personnel, health care workers, skilled tradespeople and others who cannot presently afford to rent or buy housing in our region.

Our efforts complement the work of other local nonprofit organizations that serve low- and middle-income families, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Knox County Homeless Coalition.